Neil Young – Le Noise

Neil Young’s latest album Le Noise was just released on the 28th of September 2010. It is a return to form after 2009’s drab Fork in the Road. Young enlisted the help of Canadian producer Daniel Lanois for this set of songs. The album is an interesting collection of songs. This is a complete solo effort with no band present for the recording. Young decided to record this set of songs with just his guitar (both electric and acoustic are present on the album). The result was a very unique sound where the guitar sound echos throughout the songs.

“Walk With Me” opens the album and is one of the songs Young showcased during his recent “Twisted Road” tour (“Twisted Road” being the original title for the album before Lanois convinced Neil to change it. Young then chose the “Le Noise” pun). Most of the album’s tracks are strong and unlike some of Young’s recent efforts, none of the tracks seem like filler. As is almost tradition for Neil, one of the tracks on the album dates back a number of years. “Hitchhiker” was first performed in June 1992 on a pre “Harvest Moon” tour. Apart for a brief one time return in 2003, the song wasn’t performed live again until this year on Neil’s latest tour. Unsurprisingly, this track is the best on the album and ranks up there as on of Neil’s better tracks of the past 10 years.

Overall, the album is definitely one of Young’s strongest of the last decade. Here’s hoping Neil brings the tour to Ireland

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